An avid collector of nature, from leaves to seashells and everything in between, I had always felt a sense of connection to these beautiful pieces of earth. I would always muse at the veins and colors, the textures and sizes, always in awe of the artistry of the earth.
Even the faintest detail on the smallest stone would perplex me.
I discovered my love for jewelry making quite suddenly and profoundly.
I discovered that while my hands crafted metals into meaning and my focus shifted to the creation of something beautiful, this is when I am most myself… when I am most present. I realized, this is what it felt like to do something you love.
And so, Soju came to be. A place where I combine my love of nature with my love of jewelry making.
A place that will allow anyone to instantly connect with nature, and revel in the beauty of its texture and its details. A place of artistic expression.
A place that is timeless.